Andrea Bottalico


Andrea Bottalico was born in Caserta (Italy) in 1985. His field of research is on port labour issues and industrial relations in the European ports, with focus on the container shipping sector and the maritime-logistics chain. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies at the University of Milan. He is also editor of the magazine of social enquiries “Napoli Monitor” and “Lo Stato delle città”, collaborating with various magazines in Italy and France; he wrote the book “Il fuoco a mare, Ascesa e declino di una città-cantiere del sud-Italia”(Monitor, 2016) and several scientific publications. In 2016-17 he has been guest at the Department of Transport Economics, University of Antwerp (Belgium) for seven months, as PhD visiting student. In that period, he conducted the fieldwork and established relationships with the social partners involved in the port sector, both in Belgium and at European level (i.e. Sectoral Social Dialogue for ports). In particular, within his comparative study on port labour dynamics, he investigated the role of Labour Unions involved in the port business.

He is currently Postdoc at the University of Florence.

Anna Mori


Post-doc researcher at Università degli Studi di Milano.

She is expertise in organizational studies and industrial relations.

Her Ph.D. deals with outsourcing practices in the public sector at local level.

She has participated in several European projects such as “Active Inclusion and Industrial Relations from a multi-level governance perspective –  AIRMULP” (University of Warwick) and “Independent Workers and Industrial Relations in Europe – I-WIRE” (Università degli Studi di Milano).

Luigi Burroni


Luigi Burroni is Full Professor of Economic Sociology at the University of Florence. His research interests focus on the fields of local and regional development, industrial relations and comparative capitalism.

He published on these topics in international journals including Socio-economic Review, Economy and Society, International Journal of Industrial Relations, Environment and Planning C, Stato e Mercato, Transfer. H

is recent publications include “Competitive regionalism and the territorial governance of uncertainty”, in Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, n.1, 2014; “Collective bargaining, atypical employment and welfare provisions: The case of temporary agency work in Italy” (with Marcello Pedaci) in Stato e Mercato, n.2, 2014. He was co-editor of the journal EPC: Government and Policy and he is part of the editorial board of Stato e Mercato.

He has served as expert to the Italian Ministry of Treasury, the OECD, the European Commission.